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SEMA™ is an application that helps any individual or organisation stay in touch with friends via SMS, Facebook and Twitter, Interactively.

SEMA™ can be used with or without internet; by using SEMA, updates will go to your SEMA mobile followers (SMS followers), Facebook and Twitter. This helps to stay in touch with even those friends that do not have access to internet as they will receive updates via SMS.

For a person to follow you via SMS they just type an SMS with Your SEMA™ keyword followed by their name e.g. to follow DJ Fetty one would type "Fetty John Kido" and send to 15327 to join. Whenever Fetty makes SEMA updates John Kido will be sent a free message of the update to which he can reply/comment by just sending an SMS starting with the keyword Fetty. For someone to stop following Fetty, they would type “Fetty Unfollow” and send to 15327.